Dining Out In Coastal Delaware

Is Happy Hour the most active time of day?

The Active Adults Realty team highlight favorite Happy Hour locations so you will have fine time relaxing and reconnecting with friends up and down the state of Delaware.

In some communities, Happy Hour might be the most active time of day! I have heard this being said from residents of Senators in Lewes, Oops, I have to go. Its time for [...]

Where Can I Dine With My Dogs In Coastal Delaware?

See just how Pet-Friendly it is here in Coastal Delaware

Where can you dine out with your dogs? Broker/Owner Kathy Sperl-Bell highlights many of the great restaurants you can bring out beloved pet along with you to eat.

Where can I dine with my dogs at the beach in Delaware? It's all about the dogs isn't it? People wanna take their dogs [...]

Delaware Dining Scene - Update on Delawares Culinary Coast

The Growing Delaware Dining Scene:Coastal Delaware offers great seafood restaurants plus numerous choices for eclecticdining experiences.

When I first moved to Coastal Delaware from the D.C. Metropolitan area, one of the few things I missed were the great choices of ethnic restaurants. The entire D.C. Metropolitan area offers many options. [...]

Top Ten Restaurants in Coastal Delaware

It is so hard to pick a top ten when there are so many great places to dine in this area. On an interview back in the day, Bill was asked about his favorite hobby. When he said dining out, the interviewer told him that wasn't a hobby. Bill's response was that he must be confusing it with eating out! We love to dine at good restaurants and [...]