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Where Can I Dine With My Dogs In Coastal Delaware?

See just how Pet-Friendly it is here in Coastal Delaware

Where can you dine out with your dogs? Broker/Owner Kathy Sperl-Bell highlights many of the great restaurants you can bring out beloved pet along with you to eat.

Where can I dine with my dogs at the beach in Delaware? It's all about the dogs isn't it? People wanna take their dogs everywhere. I remember when our real estate clients would ask if an area was pet-friendly, or a community was pet-friendly. Now, they bring their dogs on the house hunting trips with them. I guess they need to get their approval. Am I right Frank and Sally? You know who you are.

But, here's the great news. The Delaware beach area is extremely pet-friendly. In fact, we have a new dog park in Lewes. And, miles and miles of walking trails and parks. So, plenty to do with your dogs. Dining also, plenty of choices. So, let me give you some ideas for dining. Probably because we're a the beach, there are a lot of outdoor patios, porches, and sections of many, many restaurants where you can take your dogs out to dinner. Here are just a few that I'm gonna highlight.

The Crooked Hammock. Good for the whole family. Has a fun backyard patio. Has a covered screen porch, which is where we were recently with our granddog. So, it's great for the whole family. Crooked Hammock on Kings Highway in Lewes.

Kindle is a fine dining restaurant in the heart of Lewes. Has an outside patio area. Great food and great for bringing your pets.

Matt's Fish Camp. Out on Coastal Highway in Lewes. Great casual seafood. Has an outdoor deck where you can have your pets.

Arena's. One of the best delis down here, both the Rehoboth location and the Lewes location has an outdoor patio for dining.

Gilligan's. The newly remodeled Gilligan's on the canal in Lewes has a great outdoor patio overlooking the canal. Wonderful place on a nice day.

Fish On. One of my all time favorites, down the street at the Village of Five Points. Has a large outdoor patio area for dining. Open for dinner only. And, great happy hour.

Striper Bites. Another perennial favorite in town Lewes. Has a outside the front, large patio area. Always active. Even off season, spring and fall, because they have those big heaters. They really work.

The Surfing Crab. On your way in our out of town. Up just north of Lewes on Coastal Highway. Large outdoor patio.

The new Ironhill Brewery and Restaurant right in Rehoboth on Coastal Highway. Large patio. I hear they even bring water for your dogs. So, great place.

Irish Eyes. Perennial favorite down in Lewes, on the canal. Large outdoor eating area and even at the outdoor bar.

Half Full. In town Lewes. Nice outdoor dining area. Great pizza, by the way. My husband calls it "Gucci pizza", but it's my kind of pizza.

Surf Bagel. Up on the highway in Lewes. Nice outdoor dining area and good bagels. Even by New York standards.

The new Egg in Rehoboth, which is a really popular new place for breakfast. Haven't had a chance to get there yet. But, I understand they do have an outdoor area where you can bring your dogs and enjoy.

Lori's Caf. Another, gosh, it's been around for years on Baltimore Avenue. Great outdoor patio. Really good chicken salad. I think they have hand carved, yeah, hand-carved turkey sandwiches. Just really, really good salads and sandwiches.

So, it is very dog-friendly here at the beach. And, I was reminded to do this video, because, the Delaware Today arrived and a front cover, "Pet Lovers Guide." So, all kinds of other ideas of places to go anywhere in Delaware and bring your favorite dog.

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