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What are the Buyers Closing Costs in Delaware in 2018?

Buyer closing costs on the purchase of a home vary from State to State but they can also vary depending on the kind of home and where it is located within the State.

Buyers initially tend to focus on the purchase price of a home. We think it is equally important to understand the cost to go to settlement and the ongoing costs of living in [...]

Meet the Cloonans - Our Featured Boomers

Meet Jack and Linda Cloonan, of Millsboro, DE - Our Featured Boomers.

Jack and Linda Cloonan relocated to Delaware in July 2017, from Scarborough,Maine, where Linda was the Office Manager of a Pediatric Dental practice, and Jack, an FBI Agent and Crisis Managment Consultant. Together, they chose to move to the community of [...]

Will my new Delaware home appreciate?

I thought home prices were going up but then I noticed that in some of the your new home communities homes are selling for less than the sellers paid only 5 or 10 years ago.

Let's talk history and home appreciation in Delaware

This was part of a discussion I had with a prospective buyer yesterday who has been doing her online research. She [...]

Meet Tony and Beth Baldi - Our Featured Boomers

Our Featured Boomers are Tony & Beth Baldi, who relocated to Pelican Point in Millsboro from New Milford, CT. Beth is a retired school teacher of 25 years while Tony, retired from active duty after 35 years of service to our Country.

When the Baldis began looking toward retirement, they considered South Carolina before choosing Delaware for their new [...]

Beyond 55+ communities in Delaware

When I first discovered Coastal DELAWARE I was living and working in the DC Metropolitan area. Everyone I met seemed to vacation at the Delaware Beaches. When they were ready to buy a second home or vacation home, Delaware was at the top of their list. It reminded me of growing up in Northern New Jersey. All my friends went to the Jersey [...]

Should I Buy Now or Wait til Next Year?

Many Boomers are asking themselves, "Should I Buy Now or Wait til Next Year?"

In the infograph below, Keeping Current Matters illustrates the financial difference a year would make if you wait to buy a home until 2017. Of course, the graph targets 30 year old buyers, so let's say this could be great information for your kids, [...]

DE Neighborhood News and Updates-JUN 2015

Searching for a Retirement Destination?

CLICK HERE to read the latest edition of our DE Neighborhood News and Updates.

Learn about Delaware's Towns. Explore Our Favorite Neighborhoods and Delaware 55+ Communities in your search for a retirement destination! And find out 10 Reasons to Make Delaware Your Retirement Destination...


Winter 2015: DE Real Estate Market and Community Update

Looking for information about the DE Real Estate Market, the DE 55 Plus Community and/or New Home Neighborhood news? If you're a Boomer building the next phase of your life and looking toward retirement in [...]

Lewes, Delaware - Yahoo's #10 Retirement City

Florida is so yesterday, according to Tobias Carroll in an article published on Yahoo Travel titled, Florida is so yesterday, Retirement Destinations Worth Exploring, the article goes on to say, If youre thinking of retirement, the options open are now far more expansive than the traditional choices of Florida and Arizona. Perhaps youre [...]

Sussex County Real Estate Update Fall 2014

Sussex County Real Estate Neighborhood News-Fall 2014

By Kathy Sperl-Bell

Sussex County, a.k.a. "Coastal Delaware," is where Boomers look to move for not only a primary residence in retirement but often for a second home/vacation home even while they are still working. This is the fastest growing county with the smallest population of the [...]

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