Curb Appeal

Selling this Winter? Take Listing Photos Now!

Using photos taken during the colorful summer months for a winter home listing makes your home standout compared to other listings showing less colorful outdoor settings.

Last month in our newsletter, we shared ideas on how to create an outdoor oasis for dining and hanging out with family. Now that were still spending most of our [...]

Staging Your Home for Curb Appeal

Why is Curb Appeal #1 when its time to list your home for sale?

First, todays buyers begin their search online and weve already talked about how important good photography is. But no matter how good the photographer, if the homes exterior lacks curb appeal, the photos will not pop.

Second, once buyers have found some homes [...]

Why I may not want to list your home for sale

Why not you ask? Im a REALTOR and you want me to list your home. How could I possibly not jump at the chance?

Real Estate is my business

Business is a two way relationship. You should expect me to know the market and be able to counsel you on the process and what you can do to maximize your value.

I had a call recently and the woman said she [...]