Community In Delaware

How Will I Know If I Like Living in Delaware?

Thinking of relocating to Delaware, but have questions?

Many people have questions about retiring and moving to a new community, you are not alone. This morning, I got a call asking if it is possible to rent a home in one of Delaware's active adult communities. The caller said, eventually we will want to purchase a retirement home, but how [...]

Been online searching for Coastal Delaware real estate

Looking for a new home are you? Have you been online and offline, driving all around Coastal Delaware? Been Upstate, Downstate, East of Route 1, West of Route 13 and everywhere in between? Is it any clearer now or have you been driving in circles. Will you know it when you see it but you just havent found it [...]

Relocation Research Overload Home Search in Coastal Delaware

This morning clients showed up for our meeting with an armful of information. They knew each and every community in Delaware, every model and every floorplan, square feet and all. As we talked however, it became clear that it was all a jumble and they were suffering [...]