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Been online searching for Coastal Delaware real estate

Looking for a new home are you? Have you been online and offline, driving all around Coastal Delaware? Been Upstate, Downstate, East of Route 1, West of Route 13 and everywhere in between? Is it any clearer now or have you been driving in circles. Will you know it when you see it but you just havent found it yet?

One of my agents told me that his client yesterday tossed his pile of paper after a morning tour with him. Just think of how much paper could have been saved!

No matter how much online research you do, you are only finding those communities that are being advertised and marketed to you. When you work with us and we get to know you and your likes/dislikes, we can show you neighborhoods and homes that you may never have found. We help you find the right community in Coastal Delaware. We can also save you from making a decision without considering all your options.

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  1. pam on

    are their any +55 yrs communities in southern delaware that have rental properties? please advise...thanks
    • Kathy Sperl-Bell on

      I'm sorry Pam, but there are no 55+ communities in Southern Delaware designed to be rented. That doesn't mean that individual owners might not rent out their homes but it is a hit or miss proposition. Whenever we have one available, we do list it on our web site on this page -