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Don't Go House Hunting Unprotected

Going house hunting without a Buyers Agent can have expensive consequences.

Admit it. When youre driving around, you cant resist driving into a new home community to look at the model homes. Who doesnt like looking at new homes and new home communities? You dont call your Buyers Agent because what could possibly go wrong? You may [...]

What does Dual Agency mean when it comes to Real Estate?

Who does Your Delaware REALTOR Represent in a Real Estate Transaction?

Sometimes situations come up where the real estate agent may be representing both the buyer and the seller, this is called Dual Agency. Is this even legal? What should you know as someone buying or selling a home in this [...]

Ask the Broker: What does your REALTOR do?

Kathy Sperl-Bell and Bill Bell

Once in a while, a brand new client finds us online, comes down and purchases a home on that first visit. They often joke, Well this must have been your easiest commission!

But that rarely happens. Most of the time we hear from people that are considering a possible relocation when they retire and Delaware is on their list. They may also be [...]

Ask The Broker: REALTORS and New Construction

Kathy Sperl-Bell and Bill Bell

We want to buy new construction. Do we need a REALTOR?

Absolutely YES. The REALTOR you need is a good Buyer Agent that knows the area, knows the builders and can help you evaluate which one will be right for you. Local knowledge is so important and a REALTOR is required by law and our Code of Ethics to disclose any material facts that may impact your purchase [...]

Don't Start Playing the Field Without A Real Estate Agent!

When you are ready to start looking for a new home, the last thing you want to do is walk into a new home sales office all alone. That is where you will find SALESPEOPLE, and some of them are darn good. What you really need to do is find protection first by finding the right Buyer Agent who will help you play the field while getting to know [...]

A Home Inspection is not a Vendetta

A Home Inspection is to uncover Major Defects and Safety Issues. On an existing home,

a home inspection is not a Honey Do list, directing a Seller to make their home like new.

If it was a new home, it would cost more. If it were totally upgraded, renovated, brought up to 100% of what a new home in the neighborhood is selling for, it would [...]

Why Such Quick Resales in Your 55+ Active Adult Community?

Buyers always want to know Why are those people selling?. They are afraid that there is something wrong and they do not want to make a mistake.

Its good to be cautious when make a big purchase decision at this time in our lives. Moving is a big deal and needs to be treated that way. Many of the people we work with are moving after living in [...]

What are homes selling for at Independence?

With new home communities, not all sales are reported through the Multiple Listing Service. I always go back to the tax records to see exactly what recent homes have sold for INCLUDING ALL OPTIONS AND UPGRADES. The new, to-be-built homes that are listed for sale in the MLS are listed at the Base Model Price, and the final price can be [...]

Send me the floor plans for Heritage Shores

We get requests like that all the time from people that have never even been to Coastal Delaware. I often wonder what difference it makes if you like or don't like a particular floor plan unless you already know you like the area and the community. You can look at pictures of houses, study the floor plans til you find the perfect one, but [...]

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