Age-restricted Community

Age Restricted, Age Targeted, or All-Ages: Whats the Difference?

Learn more about age-restricted neighborhoods and other communities along with the services and amenities available when choosing community living.

Over the past 10 years, we have published several articles and produced videos on this topic, but I thought it was a good time to review the differences and similarities once [...]

What is An Age-Targeted Community?

It's easy to find a Coastal Delaware community with all the amenities you want after retirement.

Broker/Owner Kathy Sperl-Bell discusses Age-Targeted and Age-Restricted communities and the popular amenities they include for retirees. Are Age-Restricted communities the ONLY place find all the popular amenities retirees are seeking? The answer [...]

Age-Restricted for you or not?

Boomers planning to relocate have some big decisions to make. What kind of community do they want to live in and where? There's lots written about active adult communities and you get the idea that everyone has worked their entire life to move to one of these communities designed for the perfect retirement. But ask yourself what it is you [...]

Choosing the right community in Delaware

Imake a list when I have a big decision to make. It helps me think through my options even if I dont actually use the list to make my final choice. If you are planning to make a move in anticipation of retirement or a change of career, how do you choose the right community in which to buy a [...]