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What is An Age-Targeted Community?

It's easy to find a Coastal Delaware community with all the amenities you want after retirement.

Broker/Owner Kathy Sperl-Bell discusses Age-Targeted and Age-Restricted communities and the popular amenities they include for retirees. Are Age-Restricted communities the ONLY place find all the popular amenities retirees are seeking? The answer may surprise you!

What is an age-targeted community? Hi. This is Kathy Sperl-Bell at Active Adults Realty in Delaware. Age-targeted, age-restricted, all ages, active adult community, what does it all mean? Let's break it down.

An active adult community, as an overall concept, means that there are lots of amenities and services provided. Now, when you get to age-targeted, that means that the builder/developer is making sure that it has the amenities and options that are going to appeal to those of us that are probably in the 55 and over age group.

But why don't they make all of them age-restricted? Well, because there's such a variety of people now that are looking to relocate to Southern Delaware, some of them still buying the second home or vacation home, and many of us are baby boomers looking to retire, and not everybody is looking for the exact same thing. So we have a variety of communities all over Southern Delaware that have some combination of the amenities that most people are looking for.

And that would include, probably top of the list, is lawn care. I don't want to cut the grass anymore, and that's true with people whether they're in their 40s, 50s, or 60s. Common area maintenance, of course, and many people are looking for at least a community center or a clubhouse, some place for socialization, getting together with your new neighbors and friends, possibly an outdoor pool, indoor pool, fitness center, tennis courts, pickleball courts. These type of amenities are popular, frankly, with all ages, so you'll find that communities being developed, even those that are not age-restricted, are going to probably offer some combination of these amenities and services.

Now, in Southern Delaware, you find a lot more choices. When you get into Central Delaware, the difference between an all-ages community and a 55+ community are much more noticeable, because you've got the job centers of Dover, with Dover Air Force Base and the state government. You move up into Northern Delaware, and again you have much more traditional job centers or people that work in Philly and live in Northern Delaware, so there's a much bigger difference, if you will, between all ages communities and those designed, frankly, for the baby boomers that are looking to retire to Delaware.

So for you, does it matter? Do you want an age-restricted community, or do you just want to make sure that the community has some of the amenities, and certainly the services, that you're looking for so that you can have fun in your retirement? For many of our clients, they're happy to learn that they can buy into a community that has the amenities without it being age-restricted, so this is perhaps one of the first decisions that we help you try to make, and the good news here in Delaware, we have something for everyone.

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