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Age Restricted, Age Targeted, or All-Ages: Whats the Difference?

Learn more about age-restricted neighborhoods and other communities along with the services and amenities available when choosing community living.

Over the past 10 years, we have published several articles and produced videos on this topic, but I thought it was a good time to review the differences and similarities once again.

Whats in a name?

Not long ago we received an email from a resident of a community here in Lewes. She said several residents were upset their community was listed on a website called They did not want anyone to think their community was for seniors; she pointed out they had quite a few families with children. This national firm does list primarily 55+ Age Restricted communities, but not exclusively, and it is indicated on their website whether or not it is restricted.

How we help you find the community you prefer

The same is true on our website,, where we feature both 55+ Age Restricted neighborhoods and communities for All-Ages. When I created this website and eventually opened Active Adults Realty, I deliberately did not want to limit our clients, or ourselves, to just 55+ communities.

We focus on the people who some call Active Adults, and others refer to as Boomers, regardless of where they want to live in Delaware. We are not all interested in the same thing, and this is what makes this so rewarding.

Does it matter one way or the other to some people?

Initially, it does, but when they learn that there are many of the same amenities and services available in communities with no age restriction, most are okay with that. What does matter most?

  • The location of the community relative to the beach, or the airport, or the Ferry to New Jersey, or their family back home.
  • That lawn care is included and streets are plowed if we ever have snow.
  • That there is a community center or clubhouse where they can meet neighbors and friends.
  • That the community offers some activities they enjoy.

If it does matter to you, you can find only 55+ Active Adult Communities in Delaware or you can look at only the All-Ages Communities. If it doesnt matter, either way, you can just click here on Communities and look through them all.

Or, you can Contact Us or just give us a call and schedule your visit. Well take it from there.

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