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What Town Is That Delaware Community Located In?

Delaware Real Estate Broker, Kathy Sperl-Bell shares some insight into actual Delaware community locations and their mailing addresses.

We often get questions about mailing addresses and why they have a town name that seems so far away from the community a home buyer is looking into. The reason why this is might surprise you and yet it is a very simple reason too. It's all about zip codes and what post office delivers the mail. The actual location is very different, so do not be surprised when the home you want to buy has a mailing address that seems very far away from the Community of a home in Delaware where you are looking. It's just a name on a piece of paper, not the actual location.

Today's Ask the Broker question: "What town is that community in?" This is one we hear because a lot of our buyer clients are moving here from other states and they're having a little difficulty understanding why this says the mailing address is Millsboro but the town seems to be quite far from Millsboro. So with the assistance of my trusty wall map and a special pointer made for me by my Office Manager, Judy, we're going to go over to the map and maybe that will help me explain. We'll show and tell.

Okay, so coming over to the map, the first thing you'll notice is that most of this is unshaded, the white area here on the map, and that is Sussex County. The towns I was talking about are indicated by the shaded, kind of creamy yellow color. And you can see that they're relatively small. Most of the new construction is going on outside of town limits. That's where the larger parcels of land are located. But they have mailing addresses that reflect, which town, which post office delivers the mail. So, for example, even though Lewes is a very small shaded area here, you can see that the zip code it delivers mail to is more substantial. It includes communities down here that are, you know, a good drive from Lewes.

Here is a community, Independence, that is a very popular one with many of our Active Adult buyers. And it is located as you can see equal distance between Lewes and Millsboro, but it has a Millsboro address. The Millsboro post office delivers the mail. Milton actually delivers mail all the way down to just perhaps a quarter mile north of where Independence is located.

So what does that mean to you? So what's the point? I wanted to show you, using the map, that mostly you're going to be looking at communities that are located in Sussex County. So when you ask me, "What town is that in," we're going to answer with, "Well, the Lewes post office is going to deliver your mail." But you're not going to be living probably in the Town of Lewes." And you're only going to be paying the Sussex County property tax. That includes your school tax, that's it. But, even if you did live in a town, it's not like it adds thousands, it might add hundreds of dollars to your tax bill. But, nonetheless, I just wanted to share that with you.

And for more information, on our website you can search homes by neighborhood. You can search by the map on our site. You can search by town or should I say zip code. You can also search by a host of other criteria that might be really important to you. And, if you're curious about a particular town, don't hesitate. You can email me at or give a call to the office.

So that's the story and hope to see you soon in Delaware.

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