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Sellers: Help us sell your home on Facebook in 5 easy steps

Facebook is a great way to stay in touch with family and friends. We all love to share photos and wish friends Happy Birthday. But there is also a business side of Facebook and it is a growing aspect of real estate marketing. Our Active Adults Realty Facebook Page is separate from my personal Facebook Profile. In fact, the rules on Facebook prohibit me from marketing real estate on my personal profile. That takes place on my business page.

You can help us sell your home on Facebook in 5 easy steps

There are 5 easy steps you can take to help your listing agent:

  1. Go to our Facebook Page and Like it.
  2. Follow our page so that you will be more likely to see our posts in your stream.
  3. Visit our page regularly and comment on our posts about the area or your community and SHARE posts that will draw more of your friends eyes to our page.
  4. Ask your friends to SHARE posts about your home for sale with their friends.
  5. And, most important of all, when you see us post a notice or update relating to your home, SHARE it and make a comment at the same time.

When we post on our Facebook Page, the only people that are likely to see it are people I already know that Liked our page or Follow our posts. The way we can reach more people that just might know someone who could buy your home is to expand our social network. For everyone you know, your friends and family know a whole new group of Facebook friends. And each of them knows an entirely different group of Facebook friends.

So, Visit, Follow, Visit again, Comment and SHARE!

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We are all active adults who relocated to this area. We have been there and done that. Weve been the new kids on the block, we started over, we made new friends and now we are here to help you. Email me. -Kathy Sperl-Bell, Broker-Owner, Active Adults Realty

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