Single-family Detached Home

Duplex homes for sale in Delaware

Have you noticed that the terminology is different everywhere you go? They don't build duplexes here in Coastal Delaware, but they do build:

  • Attached Single Family Homes
  • Carriage Homes
  • Villas

And some of them look an awful lot like a duplex! Where can you find the best duplex homes?

Heritage Shores

Both Lennar and Providence of Brookfield [...]

Just the Facts for Sussex County DE

Gail Alm

Houses are selling.

National Association of Realtors (NAR) annualized numbers from the Existing Sales Report says 14,000 homes sell every day in this country. That means 14,000 yesterday, 14,000 today and 14,000 tomorrow! Most of the country is still showing sales below last year. This years sales are compared against the expiring home [...]

Is condo living in Delaware for you?

What is the difference between condo living and one of the new planned communities with a homeowners association? Until I became a Realtor, I always thought that a condo was an apartment-style home. Well I learned differently. Condo refers to the method of ownership, not the style of home. Not all condos share common [...]