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Delawares 2019 Top 10 Selling Active Adult Communities

Delaware Active Adult Communities are not cookie cutter. Come, explore what the state has to offer.

In June 2018, we highlighted the top sellers in both 55+ Communities and Active Adult Communities that are not age restricted in this article, What are the Top 10 Delaware Active Adult Communities? Recently, we looked at what Buyers [...]

Compare Buying a Pre-Owned Luxury Car to an existing Luxury Home

New home sales people refer to existing homes for sale as used homes, as in

Why would you buy a used home when you can buy a new home with everything you want?

I always found that reference rather self serving but then I thought about buying a car and realized that I can use the same thought process to favor buying an existing home.

A few [...]

Why Such Quick Resales in Your 55+ Active Adult Community?

Buyers always want to know Why are those people selling?. They are afraid that there is something wrong and they do not want to make a mistake.

Its good to be cautious when make a big purchase decision at this time in our lives. Moving is a big deal and needs to be treated that way. Many of the people we work with are moving after living in [...]

New Home or Resale when you relocate to Delaware?

Have you noticed that I cover new home communities rather extensively? That is because all of the builders and developers of new home communities, active adult, age-restricted or all-ages communities, do cooperate with real estate agents and brokers. This is not necessarily the case everywhere but it is true here in [...]