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New Home or Resale when you relocate to Delaware?

Have you noticed that I cover new home communities rather extensively? That is because all of the builders and developers of new home communities, active adult, age-restricted or all-ages communities, do cooperate with real estate agents and brokers. This is not necessarily the case everywhere but it is true here in Delaware.

What does that mean to you as a prospective buyer in Delaware? It means that you may work with an agent who represents you and the builder will pay the commission at settlement. Exactly what rate of commission differs from builder to builder as is the case with resale homes. Actual commission rates are determined at the time a listing is created or when a development is introduced to the real estate community. They actively market to us and obviously encourage us to bring our buyer clients to see what they have to offer.

We always want our clients to see and be able to compare both new construction and resale homes in all of the communities that could possibly meet their wants and needs. Sometimes they think they want one thing and end up buying something totally different! There is truly something for everyone in Coastal Delaware.

Can you simply go direct to the builder and purchase a home? Yes you may. Just remember that the sales people work for the builder not you. They are employees not real estate agents and they are not subject to the Code of Ethics like we are. They have no disclosure requirements designed to protect the consumer. And, the only way they are compensated is if you buy a home in that one community.

As your buyer agent we will earn a commission regardless of whether you buy a new home or a resale home, no matter who has the listing. If it turns out that this area doesn't work for you and you don't buy a home? We hope you'll tell your friends to give us a call if they are considering a move to Coastal Delaware.

One rule with new construction - the builders want you to be accompanied by your buyer agent ON YOUR FIRST VISIT to their community. Understandable, they don't want an agent to "call ahead" and simply claim you are their client. We do more than that for our clients, we stay involved throughout the entire buying process right up to the day of settlement and beyond.

Thank you for reading this. I think it is important that consumers understand how the real estate business works and how to make sure that their rights are protected. Questions? Comments? Please let me know.

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