Preparing Home For Sale

Prepping Your Delaware House for Sale: KonMari Style

Dont allow decluttering to become an excuse to avoid prepping your home for sale.

Decluttering is one of the largest challenges a seller faces when deciding to list their home for sale. Most homeowners have accumulated stuff over the years that wont be traveling with them to their next home because its no longer needed, you want new items, [...]

How to make your home stand out in a buyers market

Want to sell your house in a buyers market? Rejuvenate it! Tune into HGTV any time of day or night and youll see shows about how to prepare your home for sale. Look at your house through the eyes of a buyer if you want to sell [...]

Selling in Sussex: Your resale home's toughest competition is...

If you have a property for sale right now in Coastal Delaware, your stiffest competition is all the new construction, the housing of choice for buyers coming to Sussex County today.

Why is new construction such tough competition? Its not just the designs and long list of upgrades and options. If you have a home for sale with no basement, no [...]