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Understanding Base Model Pricing 2022!

Get all of your questions about quick delivery homes and whats included plus gain a better understanding of base model pricing.

Wow, look at that model with the gourmet kitchen, the hardwood floors, the luxury owners bath and that outdoor kitchen! Thats the house I wantbut that home costs what? Why do builders put so many options [...]

Ask the Broker: What will that new home cost?

Kathy Sperl-Bell, Broker

New construction homes in communities with lots of amenities have become a popular choice for retiring Baby Boomers in Delaware.

The biggest challenge we face is to help our clients understand the true cost of that new home in different communities.

You should see my spreadsheet with all the columns and rows to help my team of agents help [...]

It's all about location in Coastal Delaware!

In a buyer's market or a seller's market - the best property in the best location at the best price will always sell. Only the actual price at which the home sells is [...]