Nassau Grove

Is condo living in Delaware for you?

What is the difference between condo living and one of the new planned communities with a homeowners association? Until I became a Realtor, I always thought that a condo was an apartment-style home. Well I learned differently. Condo refers to the method of ownership, not the style of home. Not all condos share common [...]

Inventory Home Blow Out in Coastal Delaware

Is now a good time to find a retirement home in Delaware? YES, for many reasons. Not only because prices have come down in response to the economy, and not only because interest rates are absurdly low, the lowest rates EVER, but also because builders don't like year-end inventory. Many builders end their year in September and that means [...]

Casino Night at Nassau Grove

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Homeowners, Guests, Realtors - over 200 of us - had a great evening with funny money at Nassau Grove Saturday, March 14th. Several clients of mine who have bought homes at Nassau Grove recently were right in the thick of the crowd at the blackjack table. You can see the back of my head there at the crab table. I'm so [...]

What a weekend for home sales in Delaware

Home at Independence

The Buyers and their agents were everywhere the weekend of January 19, 2009. Was that the beginning of the recovery?

Despite the rather cold and cloudy weather, there was a full house everywhere we went. At one point that weekend, I was at Nassau Grove, Independence and Bay Crossing. The good news is that all three were busy and there was an [...]