Moving Tips

How To Stay COVID-Safe While Moving

When its time to move during a pandemic can you still call in movers? Family and friends? All the answers are found here.

Concerned about how to stay COVID-safe when you move? How will this work as you prepare to move from your current home into your new home while the country navigates through a pandemic? Moving companies have been [...]

Make Downsizing Less Stressful With a Move Manager

Is your dream house becoming a nightmare? Downsizing may be in your future.

Perhaps your dream house is feeling like more work than pleasure? Maybe you are wondering if less is, truly, more? Smaller spaces take less time to maintain and cost less money to run. Sounds great, you say, but when am I going to find the time or energy to start [...]

Countdown to a Successful Move

Relocating to Delaware? Our friends at Delaware Moving and Storage are sharing with us their Countdown to a Successful Move!

By utilizing these helpful tips, youll save money and relieve the stress of moving. Like what you read? Download the PDF below.

4 Weeks

  • File a change of address form with the Post Office
  • Notify creditors, magazines, and book and music clubs of your new
  • [...]

Planning a Successful Move

What you should know before to make your Move an easy one!

We asked Delaware Moving and Storage what type of planning makes a successful move. Their response was that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMSCA) of the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) wants to make sure anyone planning a residential move have the information needed to plan a successful [...]