Mortgage Loan

3 Outstanding Reasons a Local Lender is Better

Before clicking on an internet lender website research what your Delaware local lenders have to offer.

Its hard to avoid all the national advertising for Internet lenders like Quicken Loans, but dont listen! Active Adults Realty is involved in hundreds of transactions a year. We have learned through experience that you will have a [...]

Tips to Present a Stronger Mortgage Application

Everyone keeps talking about how hard it is to get a mortgage with todays tighter lending standards. Many people actually disqualify themselves without even talking to a mortgage professional! But with both money and houses on sale, now is a really great time to buy. In fact, 8 of 10 homeowners would say now is a great time to buy a [...]

What not to do and retire

I was working with a wonderful couple that was looking for a retirement home here in Coastal Delaware. They had just retired, their family home was for sale, and Kathy was working with them to find a new home. Well, they found the perfect home and applied for a mortgage. Everything had been planned out very carefully and they had no doubt [...]