Low Interest Rates

Real Estate Experts Weigh In on Current Housing Market

Now is the best time to sell your home because the lower interest rates help your potential buyers.

Were halfway through the year. With a decline in interest rates as well as home price and wage appreciation, many are wondering what the experts predict for the second half of 2019 when it comes to the real estate market. If youve been [...]

House Hunt during Holidays

Is a new home on your holiday list this year? Conventional wisdom will tell you -

The holidays are a bad time of year to go house hunting!


Why is now the best time to hunt for a new home?

1. Interest Rates are low but they are beginning to creep up again. 2. Home prices are low and there are deals on both new and inventory homes. 3. [...]

Inventory Home Blow Out in Coastal Delaware

Is now a good time to find a retirement home in Delaware? YES, for many reasons. Not only because prices have come down in response to the economy, and not only because interest rates are absurdly low, the lowest rates EVER, but also because builders don't like year-end inventory. Many builders end their year in September and that means [...]

Low Interest Rates create Buyer Opportunity

Low Interest Rates plus Inventory = Buyer Opportunity

The good news for buyers keeps getting better. Today we learn that the interest rate could drop even further for home buyers. The rate being discussed, as low as 4.5%, would only apply to home purchases, not refinancing an existing home. We don't know much more than that, but we do know [...]