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Home Inspections for Sellers: What You Need To Know [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Some Highlights

  • The inspection is a major part of the home selling process.
  • Many buyers used to waive inspections to be more competitive with their offer, but recently, inspections and repairs are becoming popular again.
  • Let’s connect so you have an expert on your side who can help you determine the repairs and updates your house needs before
  • [...]

Building Code, Quality of Construction, and the Home Inspection - Part 1

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This 4-part series will help buyers set and maintain realistic expectations about the home they are purchasing.  Part 1 will cover the home inspection process.

Part 1. The Home Inspection Process 

Part of the process of [...]

Before Listing Your Home Consider Getting a Home Inspection

Why Successful Home Sellers Purchase a Home Inspection

With some exceptions, inspections are usually a Buyer expense. So why would a Seller want to pay for a home inspection prior to listing a home for sale?

A home inspection may uncover major defects or safety issues you are not aware of. When you list your home for sale in [...]

What is An Annual Property Review? | Ask The Broker

Annual Property Review: The proactive way to maintain your home and budget for large home expenses

Broker/Owner Kathy Sperl-Bell welcomes her friend Robert Axselle of AmeriSpec Inspection Services to discuss the proactive way to maintain your home, and be on top of possible home repairs needed and other issues: the Annual Property [...]

Do I Need a Home Inspection When I Buy My Delaware Home - Part 2

Home Buyers should definitely consider getting home inspections and be aware ofyour rights and responsibilities you have in the process.

In Part 2 of this installment, we continue the conversation with Kathy Sperl-Bell and attorney Heidi Gilmore of Baird Mandalas Brockstedt, LLC discussing home inspections including radon inspections, and [...]

Do I Need a Home Inspection When I Buy My Delaware Home?

Home Inspections are meant to find major defects that may not be immediately apparent or that Sellers may not know of.

You may think you will save money by forgoing the home inspection during the home buying process, not getting one can cost you a lot more in the long run. Broker/Owner Kathy Sperl-Bell invites attorney Heidi Gilmore of Baird [...]

A Home Inspection is not a Vendetta

A Home Inspection is to uncover Major Defects and Safety Issues. On an existing home,

a home inspection is not a Honey Do list, directing a Seller to make their home like new.

If it was a new home, it would cost more. If it were totally upgraded, renovated, brought up to 100% of what a new home in the neighborhood is selling for, it would [...]

Will your new home in Delaware age as well as you will?

Every home purchase today usually involves a Home Inspection. Before going to settlement, its a good idea to make sure that the home is in good operating condition and that it will stay that way for a reasonable period of [...]