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What is An Annual Property Review? | Ask The Broker

Annual Property Review: The proactive way to maintain your home and budget for large home expenses

Broker/Owner Kathy Sperl-Bell welcomes her friend Robert Axselle of AmeriSpec Inspection Services to discuss the proactive way to maintain your home, and be on top of possible home repairs needed and other issues: the Annual Property Review.


Kathy Sperl-Bell: I've moved into my new home, now what?

Kathy Sperl-Bell: Hi. This is Kathy Sperl-Bell at Active Adults Realty in Delaware, and I'd like to introduce Robert Axselle from AmeriSpec Inspection Services. You know, before you purchase a home we do recommend you get a home inspection. We'll talk about that another time, but what next? What after you move into the home? What should you be doing on a regular basis?

Kathy Sperl-Bell: It's important that the companies we recommend not only provide excellent service, but continue to innovate, and AmeriSpec certainly has done so. They've introduced what's called the Annual Property Review, and the cost is about $189. So, let's ask Robert, what can you tell us about this new program, and what prompted you to offer it?

Robert Axselle: Well Kathy, we've had the good fortune of talking to a lot of wonderful people like yourselves, and your clients, and they have shared with us that this is a need that had to be filled, and we understand that it's very important to be proactive when you're talking about home ownership.

Robert Axselle: Most of the time, people wait till things fail, and we all know that if we wait till things fail, it seems to happen at the worst time, and it always-

Kathy Sperl-Bell: Like when they have to sell the house?

Robert Axselle: Exactly, like when it's time to go, and it always costs more money to deal with something after the fact than beforehand. The Annual Property Review is designed to be a proactive way to maintain your home. That way if there's a critical issue that needs to be fixed, you can jump on it right away. The great thing about the Annual Property Review, it also tells you, not only the critical issues, but your nominal issues. So if your roof only has about five years left on it, then we will let the homeowner know, hey your roof has about five years left, it's going to cost you $10K to replace that roof, you might want to start budgeting for that now instead of waiting for that to creep up on you five years from now.

Kathy Sperl-Bell: Exactly. Well you know, especially at our age, we go to an annual checkup with the doctor, we take the car to the mechanic, we do things with ... we meet with our financial advisor on a regular basis, and I think this is a really great idea to have an expert come in on an annual basis, and just help us look around our house, and as you said, be prepared to budget for expenses that you know are going to come, and hopefully they won't come at just the worst possible time.

Robert Axselle: That's right Kathy. There's two things I'll leave you with. It's very important to have an Annual Property Review to make sure that you're not a victim of your own negligence, but it also comes with the Home Binder, and the Home Binder gives you reminders about what you're supposed to do to maintain your home, whether it's clean out your gutters, pump out your septic tank, all kinds of different reminders that you can sign up for as the user to help maintain your home. So, not only is the Annual Property Review an inspection of the property, but it also comes with a service that helps you give the reminders for all of us people in our busy lives.

Kathy Sperl-Bell: And I don't know about you, but I can certainly use reminders.

Robert Axselle: I need them, and I'm glad I have them.

Kathy Sperl-Bell: So again, I hope you found this information useful, and if you have any questions, give me a call or definitely subscribe to our videos.

Robert Axselle: Thank you friends.

Kathy Sperl-Bell: Okay, thanks for coming.

Robert Axselle: Of course.

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