Golf Community In Coastal Delaware

Are you an Active Adult?

How do you define active adult? Are you an avid golfer, a tennis fanatic, a runner or yogi? Do you get up every morning and take a brisk walk with or without your best friend? Are you more active if you live in an active adult community or not? Terminology doesn't define us but it does attempt to lead us in certain directions. You're an [...]

Are Boomers prepared for the next move?

As you plan for retirement or semi-retirement, whats your next move? Will it be within the same town or will you move to another state or country? Will your home be in town or in a community? Will you live in a house or in a condo? There are so many [...]

The Peninsula on Indian River Bay

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Have you ever noticed that sometimes you play the best golf on the best golf courses? When The Peninsula first opened and they hosted a group of Realtors for a golf outing, I played some of the best golf I had played in years. We love it that we have clients that have bought vacation or retirement homes at The Peninsula because sometimes [...]

Golf Anyone?

If you lived at Heritage Shores today, one of your neighbors likely called and asked "Want to play golf on this beautiful spring day?" I spoke with a friend this morning who was off to the tee while I am here at the computer working. The air is still chilly, but the winds are light and the sun is strong. The course, an 18-hole championship [...]