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Are you an Active Adult?

How do you define active adult? Are you an avid golfer, a tennis fanatic, a runner or yogi? Do you get up every morning and take a brisk walk with or without your best friend? Are you more active if you live in an active adult community or not? Terminology doesn't define us but it does attempt to lead us in certain directions. You're an active adult so you should live in an active adult community, right? Hard to say. Why did I name this site It's a starting point because it is a term being promoted and advertised by the builders and developers with a vested interest in finding out what we Baby Boomers want.

So, what is an Active Adult community? Hard to say again because they're not all the same. In Delaware, for example, there are 3 currently that have both an indoor and an outdoor pool. Only one has a golf course. Some cut your grass and others do not. Most have one tennis court; one has several courts but I have never seen anyone playing tennis. In some communities, the clubhouse is owned by the Homeowners Association but in others a separate entity owns the amenities.

Are all active adult communities age-restricted? By definition yes, but there are some communities that primarily appeal to the 55+ population but allow all ages. Many of these new communities offer the same type of clubhouse and other amenities, so how do you choose?

We feature both age-restricted and all ages communities, both new and existing on In our files, we maintain information on the fees charged and the services offered. The chart has become quite cumbersome but we keep it handy when working with our clients to help them make an informed decision. Check back regularly because we are adding more communities and new information on a weekly basis.