Gated Community

Escaping from or Retiring to somewhere

The Magic Carpet Ride

There are two kinds of people that relocate to another state when they retire -

Escaping from __add your state____ (Maryland, New Jersey, New York)

People that are escaping from high taxes or other negative aspects of where they currently live. They come to Delaware primarily to escape and may never have spent time [...]

New Homes at The Peninsula on the Indian River Bay

The Peninsula on the Indian River Bay is one of Coastal Delaware's most beautiful resort properties. Last year when Bill and I were homeless, waiting to move into our new home in Lewes, we were thrilled when good friends told us we could stay at their condo at The Peninsula. If you are new to this blog, you may have missed all the great [...]

Is condo living in Delaware for you?

What is the difference between condo living and one of the new planned communities with a homeowners association? Until I became a Realtor, I always thought that a condo was an apartment-style home. Well I learned differently. Condo refers to the method of ownership, not the style of home. Not all condos share common [...]