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Escaping from or Retiring to somewhere

The Magic Carpet Ride

There are two kinds of people that relocate to another state when they retire -

Escaping from __add your state____ (Maryland, New Jersey, New York)

People that are escaping from high taxes or other negative aspects of where they currently live. They come to Delaware primarily to escape and may never have spent time here in the past.

Retiring to Delaware

People that have been waiting for retirement so they could finally relocate and move to the beach in Delaware. Maybe they even had a vacation home or a condo and now they are converting it to a primary residence or trading up to a home more appropriate for year-round living.

We welcome both types of buyer clients and honestly we have something for everyone in Delaware we just need to know what you are looking for. We specialize in helping people new to the area with their downsizing, upsizing or rightsizing. We are familiar with all of the communities, what amenities they offer and all the myriad details that you need to know.

I want to walk to the beach

All real estate is about the 3 Ls Location, location, location! So, if you want to walk to the beach and that is what you worked for all those years, lets talk about what is available in that location. Maybe it would be OK to bike to the beach, and that would open up more possibilities. The Delaware beach resorts range from Lewes and Rehoboth Beach down to Bethany Beach and Fenwick. We can help you find a beach cottage, a condo or a townhome in proximity to the beach. To me, the location would be more important than the size of the property. Is it the same with you?

I just want a nice neighborhood with low fees

If you want a low Association (HOA) Fee and lower cost of entry, we have great choices for you as well. The community with all the bells and whistles on property the clubhouse and the pool and the fitness center is a relatively new phenomenon in Delaware. People moving here in the past were either moving to Northern Delaware for jobs or school just like people buying and selling houses everywhere or they were coming to the beach. If you want just a nice neighborhood in a good location where you take care of your own property and mow the lawn, we have some great choices. There are Fitness Centers you can join and when you want to swim you can head to the beach!

I want a Gated Community

Youve been planning for your life in retirement and now is the time you want the reward for which youve worked so hard. You want luxury, security, amenities and a prime location in Delaware. You want an indoor pool as well as an outdoor pool, a real fitness center, and an Activities Director. We have great choices in Coastal Delaware from The Peninsula to Coastal Club.

I dont know what I want, can you help me?

Its true, some Baby Boomers spent so much time in their career and educating their children that retirement just crept up on them and they really dont know what they want now.

We will help you decide if what we have in Delaware Southern, Central or Northern Delaware is right for you. Sometimes the answer is NO and well send you on your way with a handshake and a smile. There is no one answer that works for everyone.

There is nothing as rewarding as helping you find the right home in the right community. Listing homes makes real estate a business, helping buyers find their dream home makes it FUN!

Got Questions? We have Answers.

Its not unusual to have questions. We recommend that you prepare yourself for the journey by educating yourself. This will ensure you are a knowledgeable home buyer prepared to make a confident home buying decision. CLICK HERE to read our Buyers most Frequently Asked Questions, a.k.a. our FAQs page. If you dont see the answer, email us, we look forward to helping you!

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