Delaware Farmers Markets

Delaware's Farmers Markets Offer All Kinds of Summertime Treasures

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Theres a quirky state-of-mind that many Delaware residents have developed over the past few years:

I will never, ever buy a store-bought peach again. Instead, I will endeavor to eat them by the score during the few weeks of summer when they can be purchased in the absolute prime state of [...]

Delaware Farmers Markets: Eating Farm-to-Table Freshness

Delaware agriculture produces thriving farmers markets up and down the state bringing organic fruits and vegetables to those shopping locally.

"Farm-to-table" is defined as the food on the table comes directly from a specific farm, without going through a store, market, or distributor. By shopping one of the numerous Delaware farmers market [...]

Delaware's Fabulous Farmers Markets

Who needs Whole Foods when you can find Bounty in every Delaware County!

Whats better than a Whole Foods down the street? The Locals Choice of Delaware's fabulous Farmers Markets. A quick look at the DE Department of Agriculture's Buy Local Guide: Farmers' Markets and you'll see why being "Delaware grown" is growing the state's [...]