Delaware Active Adult Communities

What Are The Top 10 Delaware Active Adult Communities?

A host of new communities are coming to market in 2018 and that creates a buzz and a wave of new inquiries about relocating to Delaware.

There is always a lot of excitement when a new community is announced.

Not all the top sellers are new construction only. In fact, some have realized that an existing home in a hot community might be a better value than new [...]

What Town Is That Delaware Community Located In?

Delaware Real Estate Broker, Kathy Sperl-Bell shares some insight into actual Delaware community locations and their mailing addresses.

We often get questions about mailing addresses and why they have a town name that seems so far away from the community a home buyer is looking into. The reason why this is might surprise you and yet it is a [...]

Which Delaware Active Adult Communities Have A Restaurant

What on-site dining is available in our Delaware Active Adult Communities?

Which amenities matter most to you? To some of our clients, it is important to have an indoor swimming pool in the clubhouse. To others, a golf course community is a must. But, the other day, we got a call from a couple who wanted only a community that had its own [...]