Buying An Existing Home

Building Code, Quality of Construction, and the Home Inspection - Part 1

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This 4-part series will help buyers set and maintain realistic expectations about the home they are purchasing.  Part 1 will cover the home inspection process.

Part 1. The Home Inspection Process 

Part of the process of [...]

Is a Resale Home a Better Value in Delaware?

Buying a Resale Home vs New Construction

When we first opened our doors, many of the out-of-state buyers that came to Delaware for the first time just wanted to look at new construction, certain that a new home was always better. Sometimes, they refused to look at any existing homes, even in a community they fell in love with. Recently, [...]

Ask the Broker - The Truth About Closing Costs in Delaware

What's the truth about Closing Costs in Delaware?

Let's Ask the Broker: The cost to purchase your new home can vary greatly depending on the closing costs and various fees associated with the particular community or municipality

But lets start at the beginning, which costs are paid by the Seller and which are paid by the Buyer before and during [...]