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Deciding Whats Right for You: The Charm of an Existing Home or a New Build

When homebuyers across Delaware begin their home research, they want to see all of the available options. In many instances, the results will include both new build construction and existing homes.

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Can a new construction home in Delaware really be the house of your dreams?

According to a recent survey by Zillow, of the 38% of total buyers that added new construction to their list, only 11% ultimately purchased a newly constructed home. The survey added that 71% of these buyers are repeat buyers who are financially secure, with 45% using the money from the sale of their previous homes to make a purchase.

Why Delaware Buyers are Interested in New Construction

  1. Everything in the house is new/never used (49%)
  2. To be close to family (41%)
  3. The home is the best value for their money (37%)
  4. Appealing home features (34%)
  5. Desirable location (34%)

Why Buyers Often Reject Purchasing a New Build in Coastal Delaware

  1. Buyers could not find new construction in the desired neighborhood, and some felt that new construction is not established (e.g., landscaping, community, neighbors).
  2. Buyers face the end of a lease or sale of their previous property and could not wait for a house to be built.
  3. Some buyers felt that new construction base prices were deceiving. Adding upgrades and HOA fees no longer made the home fit in their price range.
  4. For some buyers, new construction homes are too cookie cutter, and models are limited. Others feel that the charm and uniqueness of an existing house trumps one thats never been lived in.

Source: Keeping Current Matters,

Not all buyers are looking for a newly built house. There are many buyers looking for the charm and uniqueness of an existing home. If you are considering selling your house, dont wait! Lets get together to come up with a plan to feature the charming details of your house to future buyers.

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If you are preparing to buy or sell a home with active adult living in mind, lets discuss the best way to prepare to get a great deal. Schedule an appointment today.

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