Buyer's Market

Sell Your Home Now and Buy in Delaware While the Time Is Right

Now is that rare time when you can sell your home and buy anew home and win on both ends.

Where do our buyers come from? More every year are moving here to Delaware from New York, New Jersey and Connecticut and even more are planning to do so when they retire.

When the housing market crashed in 2007/2008, plans changed. People planning for [...]

How to make your home stand out in a buyers market

Want to sell your house in a buyers market? Rejuvenate it! Tune into HGTV any time of day or night and youll see shows about how to prepare your home for sale. Look at your house through the eyes of a buyer if you want to sell [...]

Selling in Sussex: Your resale home's toughest competition is...

If you have a property for sale right now in Coastal Delaware, your stiffest competition is all the new construction, the housing of choice for buyers coming to Sussex County today.

Why is new construction such tough competition? Its not just the designs and long list of upgrades and options. If you have a home for sale with no basement, no [...]

Buy Now, Sell Later with a Reverse Mortgage

How can you buy a home and have no mortgage payment even though you still have a home to sell? If this is you

You are 62 or above You have significant equity in your primary residence You dont feel comfortable buying a new home until your current home is sold You know where you would like to buy and realize this is a good time to buy You [...]

Great Opportunities in Milton, Delaware

Active Adult communities are not for everyone. For some, the idea of living in a town where you can walk to shops, restaurants, the public library and more might be more appealing. In towns like Milton, there are some great opportunities in this Buyers Market and there is something for everyone. You have town water and town sewer, with an [...]