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Selling in a buyer's market 2012

These have been challenging times for anyone selling a home. We understand, as REALTORS we have had our share of selling our own property during this buyers market and it wasnt pretty.

As if that isnt bad enough, some of us also have to compete with a builder! So if you decide to sell in this buyers market AND you have to compete with a builder, there are a few simple (not easy) things you will need to do. Look on the bright side, if you are in a community competing with a builder at least it is probably a desirable community where buyers are shopping.

What do builders do when they need to sell homes?

  1. Reduce prices
  2. Add incentives
  3. Pay Closing Costs

What can you do if you need to sell your existing home in a new home community where the builder is still selling? Watch what they do and be prepared to compete. It can be that simple.

What else can you do?

  • Have your home Staged so that it shows as well as the builders model homes. A good Listing Agent will provide Staging Consultation service as part of the their Listing Program.
  • Repair, Repaint, Update. If you cant look as nice for the same price or less, then you have to go back to number 1 and reduce your price.

Buying and Selling a home is emotional for you, but its business and it can be quite simple (not easy).