Buyer Agency

Do you know what to expect of your REALTOR?

Its important to set the expectations for working with your REALTOR and understand your agents obligations.

One of the first questions many sellers ask when interviewing Listing Agents is Do you have buyers for our home?

A better question to ask is What will you do to market our home so every agent with a potential buyer for our home will want to show [...]

Selling to Boomer Buyers in Delaware


I remember taking golf lessons and the instructor said Kathy, BE THE BALL! Guess he meant that I had a better chance of hitting the ball if I really focused all of my attention on the ball. To sell your home at a good price in this market will require your full [...]

Realtors Warmly Welcomed by all builders - Really!

Independence Hall

I was at Independence this afternoon for a pre-construction conference call with one of my clients who still live in Florida. When one of my clients buys a new construction home, I always attend as many of the meetings during the construction process as I can. Especially when they are not able to attend in person, either my husband Bill or I [...]