Age In Place

Making the Decision to Age in Place in This Home or Move

There will come a time when youll need to consider aging in place in your current home or moving for health and wellness reasons.

A desire among many seniors is to age in place. According to the Senior Resource Guide, the term means,

that you will be remaining in your own home for the later years of your life; not moving into a smaller home, assisted living, or a retirement community, [...]

Are Delaware Homeowners Renovating to Sell or to Stay?

Homeowners are weighing their options to either to sell their home in this low-competition market or renovate and stay.

Over the past few years, two trends have emerged in the housing market:

  1. Home renovations have shot up
  2. Inventory of homes available for sale on the market has dropped

A normal housing market is defined by having a 6-month supply of homes for sale. According to the


Why relocate? From a client's perspective

Why would I relocate when I retire?

That is a question actually raised by one of our clients recently. She said that many of her friends had asked her that question and here are some of her thoughts -

  • If she stays where she is, she many not get out and explore and experience new things.
  • She doesnt want to get stuck in a rut, perhaps taking retirement as a time to slow
  • [...]