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Why relocate? From a client's perspective

Why would I relocate when I retire?

That is a question actually raised by one of our clients recently. She said that many of her friends had asked her that question and here are some of her thoughts -

  • If she stays where she is, she many not get out and explore and experience new things.
  • She doesnt want to get stuck in a rut, perhaps taking retirement as a time to slow down!
  • Relocating will keep her on her toes, she said. It will challenge her to discover new places and things and keep her mind active.

I thought her rationale made a lot of sense. If you have lived in one place your entire life, I can see the argument going both ways. On the one hand, you have built a comfortable life where you are. You have friends and family perhaps close by and you may decide to age in place; many people do. On the other hand, you may have lost a few friends already and you wonder

let me explore and find a new area where I can meet more people like myself!

The older we get, the more difficult the decision to relocate, which is why most of our clients tend to be in their 50s and 60s. There have been exceptions, and we did help one couple in their 80s leave their long term home in New Jersey and relocate here to Lewes, Delaware. They are having the time of their lives in their new community, making new friends and staying active.

So, if youre wondering what it might be like to relocate or retire to Delaware, give us a call or email us. We help people with that decision every day.


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