Active Adult Community Kent County

Spotlight on Kent County for Festivals, Nature and Fine Housing Choices

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Last week I wrote the first of three features describing the unique offerings of each of Delawares three counties. If you check out these details on New Castle County, youll see how wonderful it is if youre commuting to your job in Wilmington, and if you want to be near numerous cultural and recreational offerings.

This week Im [...]

New Roesville Club Opens

Two years ago, the company built the first phase of this expanding club at Roesville, which was named Delawares Best Active Adult Community in 2011. The Roesville Club was complete with a media area, card section, fitness room and kitchenette. The homeowners were thrilled to have a space that fit all their needs at their current size, which [...]

Nobles Pond in Dover goes Fee Simple!

Do you know the difference between "land lease" and "fee simple"? I never did until I got into real estate and moved to Delaware. In a land lease community, you buy the house but you do not own the land on which it sits. You pay a monthly or annual fee to rent the lot from the owner of the community. Even though this makes the home more [...]