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Check Out the Cape Gazette's List of What Makes Delaware a Great Place to Live

I love my local newspaper – The Cape Gazette – because it focuses on events, people and places all around our downtown Lewes home and office. Recognizing that well-read folks will turn to bigger papers and media outlets for national news, its staff chooses to cover in detail our local government, schools, businesses, youth sports and attractions. I know that if Bill and I were raising our children here that over the course of their time in school they’d certainly get their names and pictures in the paper for some accomplishment that might seem small to the bigger universe, but super significant to us.

That said, I got a fun surprise last Friday, when longtime Cape Gazette reporter Ron MacArthur developed a list of fascinating facts all about life all across our state Here are some points, both good and bad, that I think are especially unique:

We’re leading the revolution away from dependence on fossil fuels.

Delaware ranks among the top 10 states in the nation for the number of electric vehicle charging stations, with 22 stations for every 100,000 residents. We also rank 3rd in the nation for the number of rooftop solar panels, behind Hawaii and Kentucky. 

We have beautiful natural and built spaces.

I live five minutes from Cape Henlopen State Park, which is an easy drive from several of neighborhoods spotlighted on the Active Adults web site, so I know how gorgeous and mentally uplifting it is. Yet it’s nice to see others appreciating its charms. According to a survey of eastern states it was selected as Delaware’s most beautiful area.

Since I’ve been here awhile, and because our agents are based all over the state, I also know about other amazing parks, including Brandywine Park and others around Wilmington, Killen’s Pond, with its abundant recreational activities, in Kent County, and Trap Pond, with its magnificent cypress trees, in lower Sussex County

We also scored well in a survey of “skyline beauty,” with Fenwick Island ranked 12th in the nation for that quality and Lewes ranked 26th.  

Folks who live here also have a deep appreciation for the places that bookmark our history. Our top five landmarks are the Nemours Estate, the Rehoboth Beach Boardwalk, the Hopkins Farm Creamery near Lewes, the spectacular Indian River Inlet bridge, and Wilmington’s Grand Opera House

We have great technology and an entrepreneurial workforce

Delaware ranks number three for the speed of our Internet service (a factor that’s influenced by your Internet service provider), which is great for everyday folks and gamers as well. It might have something to do with the fact that we have a number 10 ranking for self-employed workers, with 5 percent identifying themselves that way. We’re also the top state in terms of people drawn to “gig work” – which describes temporary workers, freelancers and independent contractors.

I’m also glad to know that 94 percent of our residents have access to the Internet

Lottery winners may head to the beach.

If you like to try your luck, Ron also gives you a good reason to play Powerball in Delaware because we’re seen as the number one state with 10 jackpot winners, the most per capita since Powerball’s 1992 beginning. 

And if you’ve imagined cashing in and moving into a gorgeous home with a view of the water you’re not alone – Ron tells us waterside homes in Lewes and oceanfront homes in Rehoboth are the top two places people want to move to if they do win big bucks in a major lottery. 

We love our pickleball and our pups

If you drive around during good weather or belong to places like Dave Marshall’s Tennis and Pickleball club, you won’t be surprised that Pickleball Union says we rank 8th in the nation as the best states for playing pickleball, based on factors that include our temperate weather, average rainfall and air quality, and the growing number of courts in new communities.

It's also nice to live among so many fellow dog lovers. According to Forbes, our state ranks 7th highest on a list of those with the “most spoiled dogs” based on how many get home-cooked meals, how many travel on occasion via baby strollers, how many are charmingly dressed up before going out in public, and how many enjoy doggie birthday parties. 

Our most popular dogs are golden retrievers and Boston terriers.

Incomes and savings are on solid ground

Delaware’s a prosperous place for small businesses. We pay the second highest wages among businesses with fewer than five employees and those with five to nine employees. Our average wage is $69,383, which is 24 percent higher than the national average. 

That’s good news for folks saving up for a home and working toward financial security. We rank number 3 in terms of the best state for saving money, with a score of 72 out of 100. Equally comforting, we have the lowest bankruptcy rate and third-highest home ownership rate in the nation.

We still have work to do.

Ron’s a journalist so he’s wired to give us the fullest possible accounting when he looks into something. He notes we still have some ways to go when it comes to reducing waiting time at Emergency Rooms, reducing substance abuse, reducing personal cybersecurity risks and expanding our Fire and EMS services. Thanks to our well-educated citizenry, business-friendly environment and growing population of thoughtful people who want to make the world a better place, I have no doubt that we’ll tackle all of these issues.

Special thanks to Ron for the story!