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Take a Luxury Cruise – Or Move into The Lodge at Truitt Homestead

Last week I spotlighted The Moorings at Lewes in this series of posts about independent living options once we get tired of maintaining our homes. One aspect I thought was especially interesting is the opportunity to avail yourself of the Moorings’ social and recreational opportunities and dining options right now, even if you don’t plan to move to the community until later. I like the idea of easing into an independent living community – by getting to know folks there through fun social activities while staying in your own home – as opposed to selling your house and immediately checking into a retirement community, which can feel like a more significant lifestyle change. 

As described below, The Lodge at Truitt Homestead offers a similar opportunity. It’s located in Rehoboth near King’s Creek and the Rehoboth Beach Country Club. The best way to describe the feeling I get when perusing the Web site is that I’m looking at a brochure for a luxury cruise with fine accommodations, great food, and a wide range of social, recreational and educational activities, all of which are summed up in this fun video:

Their motto (which I love)– “your life should improve in a lifestyle community; not decline” is immediately brought to life by the pretty setting, with sunlit common spaces, an indoor-outdoor pool, spa and fitness center and attractive restaurant The feeling that you’re headed for a holiday is enhanced by the one and two bedroom apartments of varying sizes, where you won’t have to deal with housekeeping or maintenance, and where you have good privacy in a neighborly setting.

There are all kinds of weekly events where you can gather with neighbors and friends at The Lodge or travel to festivals and other special activities around Delmarva There’s also an on-site pub where you can enjoy an evening alone or with your spouse or friends, along with billiards and ping pong in the Game Room or films in the screening room. 

But here’s the really big news: You can enjoy access to all of this right now even if you choose to live in a luxurious single family home in the same community.

Truitt Homestead is a 55+ community with 90 single family homes, offering the same vibe as other luxurious communities spotlighted in that section of our Web site

The homes are spacious and airy, offering first floor master bedrooms and just enough outdoor space for weekend gardening in a low-maintenance environment. So even if you don’t see yourself moving into an Independent Living situation for a few years you can enjoy a single family home now while joining The Lodge for access to social, recreational and educational activities that are also available now and in the future. 

Another benefit for many people is that once you’re ready for Independent Living at The Lodge you simply rent an apartment, giving yourself access to luxurious living and the amenities without an entrance fee or complicated contract

If having a fine single family home with current or future access to the Lodge is appealing, check out this home on the market for $900,000, and also consider the neighborhood’s Market Trends  Let us know if you want to make an appointment to view this home. 

If you’re ready to embrace that cruise ship lifestyle now, check out The Lodge at Truitt Homestead and set up a time for a tour or visit at an open house.