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Check Out the Lodge at Historic Lewes When You're Ready for Easy Living

A lot of us spend a lot of time thinking about how we’ll transition from living in our wonderful Delaware single family homes and condos to places that will give us a lot more joy as we age. 

It’s inevitable, in fact, for that sprawling green lawn to lose some of its appeal when we get tired of pushing the mower . . . and for that lovely granite and stainless steel kitchen to go unused as we enjoy smaller meals or spend more time dining out. Some of us are also going to get tired of driving everywhere while still yearning for easy access to a film or concert or a day in the park close to home.

Moving into an all-adult community where we can live more simply with complete independence and with access to additional support in the future is a popular option. It’s also something to think about if you have aging parents. With that in mind I’m going to write a series of posts about various communities that make this possible.

This week I’m spotlighting a new community close to the beach – The Lodge at Historic Lewes It’s top-of-mind for us because it’s only about a mile from our downtown Lewes office, and because we’ve been watching its construction over the last year or so right at the gateway to our beautiful town.

I love the coastal-inspired architecture and the welcoming feel of the place. A friend of ours who works with Village Volunteers and who’s just moved his friend Elaine into a large one-bedroom apartment says it feels like an upscale resort hotel from the moment he steps into its grand lobby, where a concierge is available to assist with residents’ every need. 

On move-in day Elaine was introduced to four women enjoying a nice lunch in the on-site restaurant, which she’s since found to be a wonderful destination for excellent cuisine tailored to all kinds of dietary preferences. Her apartment is especially nice, with a kitchenette for making quick microwaved meals, coffee and cocktails that’s adjacent to a spacious living room and adjoining bedroom and luxurious bath. Elaine’s kept a lovely home for the past 20 years nearby, and was glad to move her favorite pieces of furniture into the new place. She’s also thrilled with the vast array of on-site activities, housekeeping help, beauty and spa services, and access to day trips as well.

Choose the Lifestyle That’s Right for You

There are three ways to live at the Lodge right now and in the coming years, and the Web site has an easy-to-use assessment to help you determine which type of home is best for you or your folks right now or in the future

If you choose the Independent Living option you’re going to move into a comfortable apartment and enjoy a country club lifestyle. That means access to the fine restaurant so you don’t have to cook, weekly housekeeping and linen service, the fitness center, salon and spa, access to coordinated trips to local destinations and special events along with on-site social gatherings, and a parking space right outside the door.

A few years from now you might be ready to transition to an Assisted Living arrangement where you stay independent but have access to a bit of help now and then. Whether you need assistance with dressing, bathing, dealing with prescriptions, or people to help you access Beebe Healthcare or doctor visits, there’s a whole team that’s highly trained and eager to help. 

Meanwhile you’re also going to have access to the terrific restaurant, personalized activities to keep you engaged and healthy, and on-site rehabilitation services including physical, occupational and speech therapy if you ever need them.

If your folks need more support services you can also opt for Memory Care lifestyle affiliated with the Compass Memory Care community. This is a big deal if you want to ensure your loved ones have a comfortable life and access to the best resources for people dealing with memory loss. Simply put, they’re going to enjoy fine and comfortable accommodations with individualized care to support their dignity and happiness.

As you can tell, I’m pretty excited about the possibilities for this place. You can check out a full list of its services and amenities at, and if you’re a big foodie you’ll also love learning about the dining options at

If you’d like to see the floorplans of the various apartments and more shots of the lovely interiors visit

If you decide this move is for you, we are here to help list your home when you are ready.