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Halloween Happenings Offer Haunted Fun all Month

This is a totally unscientific belief, but I’m completely sure that Autumn typically gives us longer stretches of pleasant and invigorating weather than any other Delaware season. This year, as always, it started with weeks of how-humidity and softer sunlight in September, and we can probably expect sweater and light jacket days to last through at least the middle of November.

If you’ve moved into a new home that gives you lots of time to decorate with pumpkins and mums and other Fall décor. And if you’re a big fan of Halloween you can look forward to weeks of activities to enjoy on your own or with your kids and grandkids all over the state.

Have More Fun with Fewer Hassles at Trunk or Treat Events

If you’ve got little ones and aren’t so enthusiastic about door-to-door trick or treating there are more than three dozen “Trunk or Treat” events to take part in. These events typically give kids all of the fun of dressing up and eating too much sugar without the safety or logistical hassles. They usually involve “trunks” in the form of tailgates or car shows or other family-oriented ways for kids to don costumes and get free candy. Some take place during the day and others during the early evening. Most are structured for families but there are a few tailor-made for grown-ups who enjoy a little wine with their scares. Here’s a good list of events taking place statewide:;events&rciv=evn&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiT_cme1OmBAxWpMVkFHWw5Cc4Q8eoFKAJ6BAh4EA8#htivrt=events&htidocid=L2F1dGhvcml0eS9ob3Jpem9uL2NsdXN0ZXJlZF9ldmVudC8yMDIzLTA5LTMwfDcwNjc5MzE5Njk1OTg5Mzg0ODI%3D&fpstate=tldetail

No Matter Where You Live, There’s a Parade Nearby

Since its more-humble beginning 33 years ago, Rehoboth’s Sea Witch Festival has grown into a three-day extravaganza of Halloween happenings, with its costume parade as a focal point. It’s a wonderful way to dress up, eat all kinds of yummy-but-maybe-not-so-healthy foods, and revel in the music and pageantry of the season.

But you don’t have to go all the way to Rehoboth to find other parades and ghostly gatherings. As you can see on this list, there’s the Zombie Fest in Milton on Saturday October 21st

Wags, Witches and Warlocks event in Bethany and Cops & Goblins festival in Ocean View on October 28th

There’s also a big Halloween Parade in Newark on October 29th

Highlands Halloween Parade at the Delaware Art Museum in Wilmington on October 22nd

Boos & Brews gathering at the Lewes Historical Society on October 27th

Mead O’Ween Halloween Party at The Brimming Horn Meadery just outside of Georgetown on October 21st

New Castle Halloween Parade on October 27th

...and all kids of other events for spooks of all ages across the state;events&rciv=evn&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjx-dXY2emBAxXMFFkFHQz1Bc4Q8eoFKAJ6BAhoEA8#htivrt=events&htidocid=L2F1dGhvcml0eS9ob3Jpem9uL2NsdXN0ZXJlZF9ldmVudC8yMDIzLTEwLTIxfDgzNTI4NzU4NTg1MTQzMTcxNDI%3D&fpstate=tldetail

Take a Stroll Through Delaware’s Haunted History

Our state is filled with beautiful historic places, many replete with stories of hauntings and unexplainable phenomena. Throughout October you can enjoy walking tours with knowledgeable guides who will share both facts and fiction about these happenings. Highlights include Paranormal Adventures in Fort Delaware State Park every Friday and Saturday this month, the Old New Castle Hauntings in History Tours taking place Fridays and Saturdays for the rest of October in this lovely historic town (which is, incidentally, one of the most scenic places this time of year), the Lewes Legends Tour spotlighting strange happenings during the last 400 years in Historic Lewes, which take place Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday at 6 p.m. in October, and the Ghost Walk Tours at the Milford Museum on October 21st

Of course these places are extra-fascinating around All Hallows Eve, but if you’re deeply entranced by the spiritual realm you can find lots of haunted places year-round all across our state. Check out this fascinating Delaware Today article by Pam George and Sydney Livingston to plan your own tours year-round