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Beebe Healthcare Has Your Back

A friend and neighbor of ours in Lewes just had a great experience at Beebe Healthcare It happened after his spouse fell down a flight of stairs and broke five ribs. A few hours after it happened – after trying to sleep without realizing why his rib cage was so sore – the patient walked into Beebe’s Emergency Room and began a 30 hour stay characterized by excellent care by, as our friend tells us, “the kindest and most competent people imaginable.”

I was thrilled to hear this because the 55+ demographic is the fastest-growing in Sussex County and fairly robust in Kent and New Castle Counties as well. Many of us go to great lengths to stay healthy by exercising regularly, forming good friendships, and enjoying lot of fresh food raised right here in Delaware. Unfortunately none of us are made of steel, so we’ll never be able to completely avoid falls, injuries or bouts of illness. So having great healthcare close to home is yet another reason to celebrate our Delaware lifestyles.

I felt even better when I visited Beebe’s website and saw an extraordinary list of accolades We’re talking major accomplishments – from recognition by the American Heart Association, to “Blue Distinctions” for Cardiac and Maternity Care from Blue Cross Blue Shield, to top accreditations for its Laboratory Services and its affiliate, the Tunnell Cancer Center. 

Here are a few more important points about Beebe:

  • Its operations truly are close to home, with major medical campuses in downtown Lewes, with an Emergency Room and both Inpatient and Outpatient Services, in Rehoboth, offering Breast Health services and Orthopaedic and Weight Loss Surgeries, and its South Coastal location in Millville offering a fully accredited Cancer Center and Emergency Department. This is in addition to dozens of smaller clinics throughout Sussex County offering a range of services from family practice to home health care to lab services and internal medicine.
  • Its healthcare offerings are comprehensive I think you’d be hard-pressed to name any kind of care that isn’t offered, from cardiology and cardiovascular surgery, to gastroenterology, to palliative care. I could go on and on since there are nearly 75 specialties, so please click on the link for a quick glance at the list. 
  • It offers a treasure trove of advice for healthy and happy living. One reason why we love writing these blog posts is our certainty that – thanks to the wonders of life in the First State – we’ll never run out of topics. After spending 20 minutes on Beebe’s “Health Hub” blog, I’m pretty sure its talented communications team feels the same way. There’s a tremendous amount of simple and compelling advice on every aspect of a healthy lifestyle. You’ll find recipes for delicious meals and snacks at the “Nutrition” link . . . thoughtful insights on mindfulness and gratitude at the “Mind” link . . . and all kinds of ways to keep that senior bod in tip-top shape at the “Body” link
  • The rave reviews keep coming. One of the happiest sections at the Beebe site is a listing of “Patient Stories” at the “Health Hub.” They’re all first-hand experiences written by, or described in detail by, patients who’ve turned to Beebe for all kinds of care. Take a look if you’d like a big dose of uplifting news and confidence that you’re going to be in good hands the next time you need top quality healthcare.