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Check Out Our 2023 Buyer's Guide to Simplify Your Home Search

I’ve written a few posts about our significantly updated Active Adults Web Site, spotlighting its value for enabling you to discover neighborhoods best suited to your desired lifestyle and helping you zero-in on homes with the amenities you desire. Whether you need an in-law suite, easy access to great golf, biking distance to beaches along the Delaware Bay and Atlantic Ocean, or the opportunity to live a life of leisure in a 55+ community, you can turn to the site to save lots of time.

Another update that can be useful is our 2023 Buyer’s Guide.  

This is something we produce every year in response to emerging developments in the real estate market and with a perennial interest in simplifying your search. This year’s guide is especially robust thanks to the following features:

A Bird’s Eye View of Your Delaware Lifestyle

Many of the folks who work with us to find a new home are moving to Delaware from other states. Some have spent a bit of time here – often via a vacation at our beautiful beaches. Others are visiting to experience the rave reviews in media outlets such as Parade Magazine, which also cited Lewes and Rehoboth as prime retirement destinations and Kiplinger’s, which ranks Delaware among the best states for retirees,no%20sales%20tax%20at%20all

If you scroll to pages 6 and 7 of the guide you’ll find some interesting facts that could guide your decision, including a summary of our outstanding continuing education options (and impressive details about educational attainment among our citizens, including the fact that we have more Ph.D.’s in science and engineering, per capita, than any other state).

If you’re into fitness and eating well you’ll also enjoy a list of Farmers Markets located all around the state. If you’re interested in history you can learn about our crucial role in the founding of America (hint: our key identifier is “The First State”). You’ll also see fascinating facts about our abundant nature preserves and settings for fun and healthy outdoor activities.

Details About How to Live Well Within Your Budget

While finding your dream home is exciting, you also need to make sure you’re selecting a state and community where you can live well on your earnings and retirement savings. We’ve tapped into our decades of experience in managing complex financial transactions and our deep knowledge of Delaware’s taxation system to create an easy-to-follow list of factors that will protect and reinforce your budget, including:

  • No sales tax. That’s right. You’re going to be able to fill your home with wonderful furniture and artwork without paying taxes on anything you buy.
  • Details on your future income taxes – which are low, with personal income tax rates ranging from 2.2 percent to 6.6 percent. You’ll also learn about Delaware tax credits and deductions based on whether you’re single, married or have dependents. 
  • Good news about holding on to your retirement income, including details on taxing of Social Security and Railroad Retirement Benefits (you won’t pay any), pension income (you can probably exclude up to $12,500 of it annually) and exemptions for your retired military and military disability pay. Also, you don’t have to pay an inheritance tax.
  • Revelations About our Property Taxes (so you don’t mistakenly think you’re reading your bill wrong). One of my favorite moments in my discussions with prospective homebuyers is when I tell them how low our property taxes are. While there is a transfer tax of 4 percent of the sales price that’s generally split between buyer and seller, our state and local taxes are among the lowest in the nation. Check out this blog post for details and get more specifics from the Buyer’s Guide.

Details on Everything We’re Going to Do for You

I often tell people that even though we’re realtors, our top job isn’t to just sell you a house. Our mission, shared by everyone on our team, is to do all of the many things it takes to help you find the house that’s truly right for you. Ditto if you’re selling. We know the builders. We know about the incentives they’re offering. We know the lenders and home inspectors and settlement companies that have the strongest reputations for top flight service. And we’re absolutely committed to excellent service at every step of the buying and selling process.