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LOCALS NOW SPOTLIGHT: No Wintertime Blues in Downtown Rehoboth Beach

Whether youve lived here for decades or you're a newcomer to the area, here's a secret: theres lots to do in Rehoboth Beach, even in the winter.

Lots to do, even in the winter

Whether youve lived at the beach for decades or are just moving into your new home, youve probably learned a secret still unknown to a lot of those summer folks. Every day, even during these cold last-gasp-of-winter months, theres lots to do, thanks to red carpets that are rolled out year-long.

If you think Im joking, take a drive into downtown Rehoboth on a Monday afternoon. Park at a meter but keep your wallet in your pocket as you head toward the boardwalk and the sound of breaking waves. You dont have to worry about a ticket because the town has rolled out Meterless Mondays to make shopping and dining more enticing.

Its a new and possibly-temporary tradition that began last summer to address Covids impact on local merchants. Its also a nice counterpart to all kinds of special deals offered at area restaurants in the winter. 

Enjoy off-season culinary specials

Consider, for example, three carry-out sushi rolls for $15 on Mondays at Cultured Pearl, which closes its dining room on that one day beginning in January so its team can meet the tremendous demand for carryout and curbside pickup. (NOTE: because of the tremendous popularity of this special, you need to order online, preferably early in the day beginning at 10 a.m.) (

Consider also the robust carry-out options offered at Dogfish Brewings and Eats 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday-Saturday and 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Sunday. (

If youd rather come in from the cold, consider the daily specials offered 7 days a week at the Purple Parrot, ( Or the off-season specials offered in the dining room at Stingray on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. (Stingray Specials)

These are just a few of the options for great food during Rehoboths quiet months, and theres a full listing of area restaurants at the Rehoboth-Dewey Chamber of Commerce Web site ( 

Dogfish Head Brewing and Eats on Rehoboth Avenue offers carry-out options. Photo courtesy of Ron MacArthur/Cape Gazette.

Get some exercise and enjoy the beauty of Rehoboth Beach

En route or afterwards, if its one of our warmer days, you might also consider a long walk on the Boardwalk or head to the Cape Henlopen State Park parking lot at the end of Ocean Drive in the North Shores area for a long walk on the trail to Gordons Pond or on the beach.

Its beautiful any time of the year, but especially in the quiet solitude of Winter where, in the words of Walt Whitman, youre apt to find a view thats quaint, refreshing, unimpeded a dry area of sedge and Indian grass . . . space, simple, unornamented space. Distant vessels, and the far-off, just visible trailing smoke of an inward bound steamer; more plainly, ships, brigs, schooners, in sight, most of them with every sail set to the firm and steady wind. (

Snow and ice cover Gordons Pond in Cape Henlopen State Park. Photo courtesy of Ron MacArthur/Cape Gazette.

Vibrant local housing market

While youre at it, take some extra time to be grateful that youve moved to a vibrant year-round community and made a smart financial decision as well. As noted in this recent report from the Cape Gazette (, home sales in the Lewes-Rehoboth-Dewey area are up 33 percent from last year. 

And although the low inventory presents some challenges to friends who visit you and decide to make the move, we can expect many more homes coming onto the market during the coming year.(

We're Here to Help

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