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Im not Elderly! Im a Boomer

Boomers dont define themselves by their age nor allow a number to hold them back from being active, enjoying athletics, or starting a business.

It happened on the pickleball court recently. We were playing with one of the best players in our group and asked, What can we do to improve our game? He was helpful but then he added, Youre elderly, you know, and your reaction time is not as good. Ouch!

Im not Elderly, Im a Boomer

While he wasnt talking directly to me he was talking to another player who is exactly my age! Later, we all agreed that being over 70 makes us elderly to some.

The great thing about pickleball is that you can play at any age, but you probably wont be beating players half your age. Not every game, but there are those games where you do and the feeling is awesome.

In comparison, I believe we are younger in our 70s than our parents were. Statistically, Boomers have been a lot more active, more athletic, and are less likely to become elderly just because our age says we are. Many of my septuagenarian friends are enthusiastic:

  • Cyclists
  • Joggers
  • Walkers
  • Pickleballers
  • Tennis players
  • Yogis

Like me, they are living their second or third careers, started businesses, and/or they are engaged in local charitable organizations that blossom under their experienced leadership.

So, no, we are not Elderly, we are Boomers and were still going strong!

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