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Downsizing and Relocating Thats Easy

Chances are your new home will be very different in size than your previous home so what will you do with all your stuff?

Moving from one home to another is tough enough but downsizing and relocating to a new location can be overwhelming. Even if you have moved many times as I have in past lives for job transfers and career changes, doing so on your own is different, especially if this move is out-of-state.

In a corporate move, you may have benefitted from a Relocation Departments guidance and the moving company may have also done your packing and unpacking. What a rude awakening when you must do it all yourself.

Making the Decision to Move

First, you must decide to do it at all! Will you leave the area you know so well? Can you downsize from your comfortable family-sized home with room for everything? What to take with you and what to get rid of and how? Are we having fun yet?

We just sold our home with an oversized two-car garage and downsized into a 3-bedroom condominium. I still cant find everything and when this pandemic shutdown is over, I have plans to take many boxes to the local Thrift Shop and the Habitat Restore.

What to Consider Before Relocating

As difficult as it was, at least, it was in the same town and community we already know well. Not everyone downsizes, even when they retire, at least not the first time. Many of our clients retire and relocate here but upsize to the home of their dreams. Whichever you do, the chances are that your new home will be very different than the home you sold.

  • Will your furniture fit?
  • Will it work in your new open floorplan home?
  • Will you prefer a more casual style to fit your new lifestyle?

Use Our Business Directory of Trusted Professionals

There are so many things to plan and think through and there are people and companies that can help. In our Business Directory, we list companies and service providers that we have used ourselves or know through referral by other local businesses or our clients.

Take a look at some of the firms listed in the Downsizing/Relocation Services category. They offer a variety of services that can make your transition much less stressful.

If you want to recommend a local business that should be listed in our Business Directory, please let us know. Email the information to

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  1. Diane Henneberg on

    Downsizing was so freeing! Living in a smaller home that is newer and more manageable just makes life so much easier. I haven't missed a single item that I donated!