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Downsizing & Decluttering During a Pandemic Emergency

Decluttering and downsizing your unnecessary stuff while you shelter-in-place is a good way to pass time and stay active.

Where did I get all this STUFF?

As REALTORs, we advise our clients on downsizing, decluttering, and getting rid of all unnecessary STUFF all the time. Well, in the middle of this Coronavirus emergency shutdown, I have sold my home, bought a condo, and I am now dealing with all my stuff.

I cant call friends to help. I cant do a Yard Sale to get rid of the things I have accumulated. I cant even donate anything to Thrift Shops. All I can do now is separate things into boxes labeled Yard Sale, Donate, Resale Shop, Storage, etc.

Does anyone need a dozen cloth dinner napkins? I have some lovely ones in goldenrod? How about lime green or just beige?

Releasing the Dream Home for Something More Manageable

The home were selling was my dream home, built by my talented husband. It is a true custom home down to the finest detail. All the doors are solid. All the hardware is top quality. The kitchen and owners suite were designed and built by him. It has great closets and storage space. But in planning for the future, we felt it was time to sell it and downsize to something more manageable for the future. It had nothing to do with this virus, but we felt certain that some kind of adjustment would come and we do not need a home with so much space and yardwork.
It will be a challenge. This condo does not have his and hers walk-in closets or a linen closet in either bathroom. The kitchen and bathrooms are serviceable but not what were used to. Although the condo also has 3 bedrooms, that third bedroom will most likely become my home office/sitting room plus my closet.

Does anyone need a nice double King Koil mattress and box spring with a headboard and footboard?

Living Outside of Normal

Under normal circumstances, we would be gutting the condo right away, replacing everything including flooring, doors, hardware, and fixtures. Instead, until this pandemic emergency has passed, we will move in, place the furniture, and make do for now.

Weve been through this before. Since Bill and I have been together, we have lived in some small places. We have bought and sold many homes, renovated all of them, and Im sure this wont be the last. Well, maybe this will be the last.

Looking Forward with Hope

Between now and May 1st, you know what we will be doing? Frankly, our real estate business may have gone online but it is still very busy. Its the perfect time to regroup, take classes online, provide training to our agents using online software like Zoom, and preparing for the onslaught that will come as soon as this emergency has passed.

During this time if you have any questions about homesbuying or sellingdont hesitate to reach out. We continue to be here for you and serve you as best we can. Together, we are able to weather this emergency.

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