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How Brokers & Appraisers Work Together

When a licensed Delaware home appraiser steps up to do their job, they are completely neutral towards both the Lender (who assigns them to a home) and the Broker who is representing the home. This is a very good thing for buyers and sellers. Appraisers feel the pressure to get it right regardless of how their final outcomes weigh against what others may be willing to pay. The Appraisers job is to fairly evaluate a homes market value based on recent home sales in the neighborhood.

When Active Adults Realty works with a Delaware Appraiser, we aim to make ourselves available to volunteer information and answer any questions about the home to assist the Appraiser in doing their job. When we meet an Appraiser at a home for the inspection, we come prepared with all our materials: MLS listing, the title report, offersshowing multiple offers should the bidding go over the asking price, and comparables of similar homes the Appraiser can use or discuss for pertinent information.

In many instances, the Appraisers are appreciative to receive this assistance. We do not attempt to influence the Appraisers evaluation. These professionals already know their job and were simply here to assist with providing necessary information about the home.

What does the Appraisers evaluation mean for you?

Often times the buyers lender requests the appraiser. This information is used by the buyer and their lender to determine how much financing will be available so they can make an offer on the home. Having a home appraisal helps a buyer not over pay for a home.

How does a Broker use the Appraisers information?

As Brokers, we really appreciate the work Appraisers do when evaluating a home because it gives us accurate detailed information to use as data for comparable home sales in a neighborhood as well as help us guide buyers in making a fair home offer. With accurate data going into a real estate transaction, real agent professionals can ensure the comps they compare to other homes are up-to-date. The more information appraisers and real estate professionals have to work with helps each side do their respective jobs betters. And who benefits from this teamwork combination? You do!

When youre preparing to buy a home always get an appraisal. Its helpful to you in your buying process and helpful for future markets. When youre ready to shop for a home, please think of Active Adults Realty. Were here to work with you and answer your questions along every step of the buying process. Schedule an appointment today.