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Planning to Relocate After Retirement

Before moving after you retire be sure youre aware of these things and have made the proper plans.

Are you planning to relocate when you retire?

Whats the best age to make a move?

The first question you need to ask yourself is Do I want to stay where I am or relocate when I am retired?

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Making the Decision to Relocate

If you decide you are going to relocate, when should you make the big move? Thats the 64 Million Dollar Question, and this question has multiple parts to it:

  • Where would you go if you do make a move? Have you always known or are you starting from scratch?
  • Are you and your spouse, partner, or family on the same page or do you have different ideas?
  • Can you buy a new home before you sell your current home?
  • Does the idea excite you or scare you?

Proper Planning Makes Your Decision Easier

This is not a decision to be made quickly and it does require a lot of planning. So, when is the best time to begin and what is the best age to make a move? The team of agents at Active Adults Realty has worked with hundreds of people each year that are going through this decision process. We can divide our clients or prospective clients into several groups:

Group A: Those who dont want to move but feel they mustbased on the cost of living where they are. This is a tough situation and our first goal is to help them find good reasons to move to Delaware. Our job with this group is a combination of Tour Guide and local Ambassador.

Group B: Those that never thought about Delaware before but have now heard that it is a great place for retirees. They may also be considering other locations, spending time before retirement traveling to each area so they can compare their options.

Group C: Those that waited until they retired to realize they need to do something. This requires a quick crash course in the why, how, when, and what that is facing them.

Group D: Then there are those that decided not to decide and stay where they are. If they wait too long, the decision becomes harder and harder. Or something happens to one or both that causes life to take a different turn.

When to Make the Big Move

I have read that the best age to make a big move like this is when we are young enough to make new friends and establish new lifestyles. For me that would be in our 60s. If we wait until we are in our mid to late 70s, or even our 80s, it will be much more difficult to tackle all the decisions and manage the process of downsizing, packing, picking a mover, selling your home, and deciding where to move.

As I was writing this article, I came across one on the same topic in Money Magazine on Retirement Planning. I could not say it better, so please read the 4 Things You Need to Know About Moving After You Retire.

If you are considering Delaware as your retirement destination, be sure torequest our free Relocation Guide.It is filled with information on each of the Delaware counties and many resources to help you learn how the First State is the place for you.

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