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Delaware Experiences Continued Uptick to Homeownership by Single Women

Homeownership among single women continues to rise as women arent waiting for marriage before taking on a mortgage.

According to the National Association of Realtors data, the percentage of homebuyers who are single women has increased over the past three years from 11 percent in 1981 to 18 percent in 2017. When I read the recent article in US News discussing a steady uptick in homeownership by single women, this mirrored the observations made by the Active Adults Realty team over the past six years. If youre a longtime reader of our blog you may remember these blog posts written around this topic or if you missed these take a moment to give them a read:

Active Adults Realty Data Supports National Trend

Curious how our office data stacks up against the released trending data, I decided to pull our records plus survey some of the agents. Heres what we learned about homes purchased in Delaware:

Debbie Shearer REALTOR, SRES, CMRS, who has been with us the longest, has had fifteen single women as clients versus three single men.

Elliot Welan REALTOR, SRES, who has been with us since 2015, has worked with eleven single women homebuyers.

Anthony Bell REALTOR, SRES, who joined our agency this year, says two of his first six clients fit this demographic.

Ron Mercante REALTOR, SRES, who is also a new member to our team this year, has had three clients in this demographic.

Kathy Sperl-Bell Broker, REALTOR, ABR, SRES, over the twelve years from 2004-2016 when I actively served clients (I no longer work directly with clients) I worked with 26 single women and only three single men buying or selling homes.

In all, my agents reported working with 47 single women since 2013 but only a half-dozen single men during this same period.

Single Women Make Their Mark in Homeownership

It is clear. If youre a single woman on the fence about whether or not to pursue homeownership, youre not alone so dont hesitate. We invite you to move forward with confidence alongside an experienced real estate professional who will help you select the best home to match your needs and budget. It feels to me that single women have been buying homes for a lot longer than the media suggests. During my informal survey of the agents, I did not try to differentiate between women who have always been single, those single for a long time, and those who are widowed or divorced. Regardless, I know the number of single women residents in our Active Adults communities continues to grow every year.

If you are interested in buying a home, why not sit down and discuss the best way to prepare. We look forward to helping you find a great home in Delaware. Contact us today.

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